3 Typical Ways to Recognize Halal Instant Noodles

Posted on Apr 22 2020 by hanh pham

There are many factors affecting the decision of choosing a destination for any tourist. Among these, the affordability and convenience of the cuisine are considered one of the ultimate elements. For tourists from the Middle East, especially the Muslims, all the food meeting the requirements based on Qur’an is allowed to be processed and consumed. The food and cuisines for daily consumption of the Muslims are called “Halal food”.

Halal is a term expressing the legality, permission, and allowance according to the Muslim. Fortunately, the Muslim travelers were worried about the availability of Halal food during your trip no longer because the Halal restaurants have gained popularity, and particularly many kinds of instant noodles are customized on the different tastes of customers.

Halal instant noodles are the solution chosen by most Muslim tourists when they take a trip to a country without halal food customs. These instant noodles are manufactured and packed according to the conditions of Halal such as no porks, no dog meats, no alcohol,…

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Tips to Know Halal Instant Noodles

However, many Muslim tourists find it difficult in figuring out whether it is a halal instant noodle or not. Here are some tips for you to differentiate between halal instant noodles and non-halal instant noodles.

1. Read the label of instant noodles

Besides the language of producing countries, many instant noodles packages are attached to one more common language, English. It may be convenient for Muslim tourists to learn and know some written English wors, which explains the ingredients of the products. All the main food compositions are listed clearly on the packages, so tourists easily notice all ingredients and avoid haram products.

For instance, some ingredients mustn’t be included in one halal instant noodle are alcohol, pork, gelatin (a substance is made from some parts of pig).

2. Mark the halal logo

Several products on the market are visibly labeled halal by displaying a right-handed logo depicting a ring and the word HALAL in white and the background in green.

If you are looking for the halal instant noodles, look at the right of the products, and mark this halal logo. Once have you seen any products with this logo, it means that this product is halal –oriented one and suitable for the Muslim.

3. Get help from technology

In the 4.0 technological revolution, there are more and more devices equipped with modern apps driving you to become a smart customer. Owning a smartphone, with Android or iOS operation, tourists can check all food composition of the product in order to ensure that the product is halal.

Some apps are suggested:

Scan Halal: by aligning the phone camera with the barcode on the package of the instant noodles, this app turns black and warns you to avoid the product if any ingredients against halal are available.

Food scanner: You can check all the ingredient information of the product. Users also can choose from various filters to be detected, including halal certification, artificial ingredients, alcohol, pork and pork derivatives in this app.

Halal Food Finder Worldwide: You can find a halal place worldwide; this app especially is convenient for Muslim tourists going on the trip holiday.

Vietnam Halal Instant Noodles

There is an ongoing number of grocery stores with many kinds of instant noodle products, including halal instant noodles. The shopping mall and supermarket Vinmart; Big C shopping center and other big supermarkets with branches in all the cities always offer customers different kinds of halal instant noodles at the listed price.

In addition, if you are not familiar with the traffic congestion and worried by the infection of the recent disease, you can order in advance some halal instant noodles at alibaba.com if you want to buy in bulk and take them along you. It takes you 3-4 days to order from this website.

Here are some Vietnam halal instant noodle products that you could try:

  1. OEM Vietnamese instant noodle halal
  2. Halal Instant Noodle made in VIETNAM (Nano – chicken flavor): Price: $1
  3. Instant noodle YOMEE (Seafood and Chicken flavor): Price: $2.5 – $3
  4. Halal instant noodle Vilotus (Tom Yum flavor/ Vegetables): Price: $1 – $2
  5. Nissin cup noodle (Tom Yum Flavor/ seafood flavor)
  6. Fudo instant noodle: Price: 260 000VND/ 10 packs

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