Halal Food in Dalat – Where to try

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Dalat, the city of love on Lam Vien Plateau, has long had a fame for the tranquil and immense lakes, lush green pine hills, magnificent waterfalls and thousands kinds of flowers blooming around a year. Coming to this highland city, you will have a chance to immerse in the marvelous natural sights, breathe in your chest the fresh air, see the ethereal clouds in the very first moments of dawn, and experience typical street food of Dalat. To adapt the demands of more tourists from all over the world, especially the Muslim travellers, Dalat halal food has getting more and more various with different styles from different countries.

You are going on a halal trip to Vietnam? Why don’t you stop in Dalat and enjoy halal food in Dalat, Vietnam?

Halal food in Da Lat - YallaVietnam
Halal food in Da Lat

1. Halal Food in Dalat, Vietnam – What to Eat?

1.1. Halal food of different countries in Dalat

  •  Vietnamese food:

This is the most popular food in almost halal restaurants in Dalat. The traditional dishes of Vietnam which are made from fresh local ingredients now are brought to your table in a more suitable way of cooking for Muslim diners. Therefore, Dalat Vietnam halal food is a mix of Vietnamese and Muslim cuisine. In Dalat, you can eat Vietnam halal food such as fresh shrimp and chicken spring roll, rice pancake with shrimp and chicken, crab fried spring roll, clay pot catfish, Vietnamese noodles and other dishes made from chicken, beef, crab, shrimp, fish and rice.

  •  Malaysian food:

The emblematic features of halal food in Malaysia is the attention to the freshness of ingredients and the appetizing flavor of the dishes. In your Dalat halal food tour, you can try Malaysian halal food with original taste such as nashi goreng (a type of Malaysian fried rice), char kway teow (a type of Malaysian stir-fried noodles), sea bass steamed with oyster oil and Malaysian sauce and satay chicken, beef, squid and shrimp.

  •  Indian food:

Halal food of India is typical with the spicy dishes and the use of various spices when cooking. Some kinds of spices such as black pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, dried chili, garlic and onion are mixed into a synthetic spice called masala. Curry is also a popular spice in India. Halal restaurants in Dalat will serve you with masala and curry with plentiful selections such as crab, beef, chicken, shrimp, goat, cuttle, salmon and red snapper.

  • Roti dishes:

Roti is a method of processing food of European countries, but it is quite popular in halal dishes. In Dalat, roti dishes include sweet roti and savory roti. The sweet-forward roti is made with fresh fruits and ingredients available in Dalat like banana, strawberry, durian, butter and milk. On the other side, savory roti includes chicken, beef, tuna and eggs in the components.

1.2. Vegetarian food in Dalat

Vietnam vegetable food - Dalat for Muslim travelers - Yallavietnam
Vietnam vegetable food

Beside halal food, Dalat has another choice for Muslim visitors – vegetarian food. When you have the very first look at the food in vegan restaurants and food stalls, you might mistake them for some kind of meat, but in fact, they are all made from vegetables, tofu and other spices. Fried rice, pho, noodles, spring roll, mixed salads, vegetarian soup with mushroom, fried vegetables are some of the vegetarian food in Dalat for you to enjoy. The fresh and natural taste of vegetables in these dishes for sure will leave you some certain impressions on halal food in Dalat.

2. Halal Food in Dalat, Vietnam – Where to Try?

It is not very difficult for you to find a halal restaurant in Dalat, especially in the city center. You can refer these following suggestions:

2.1. Halal restaurants in Da Lat

You can find below a list of Halal restaurants in Dalat together with locations, opening hours, food style and prices as well.

  • Ganesh Fine Indian Cuisine
    • Location: 1F Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 1, Dalat City, Lam Dong
    • Opening hour: 11.00 – 14.30 and 17.00 – 21.30 daily
    • Food style: India cuisine
    • Price: from 100,000 VND/person
  • Kampung Pandan Halal Restaurant
    • Location: 16 Yersin, Ward 9, Dalat City, Lam Dong
    • Opening hour: 06.30 – 22.30 daily
    • Food style: Vietnamese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian food
    • Price: from 70,000 VND/person
  • D’Halal Restaurant
    • Location: 38 Yersin, Ward 9, Dalat City, Lam Dong
    • Opening hour: 11.00 – 22.00 daily
    • Food style: Asian food
    • Price: from 40,000 VND/person
  • Halal Food Karim
    • Location: 175 Nguyen Tu Luc Street, Ward 8, Dalat City, Lam Dong
    • Opening hour: 07.00 – 22.00 daily
    • Food style: local cuisine
    • Price: from 50,000 VND/person

2.2. Vegetarian restaurants in Da Lat

Here comes names of some famous vegetarian restaurants in Da Lat:

  • Au Lac Vegetarian
    • Location: 15 Phan Dinh Phung, Dalat City, Lam Dong
    • Opening hour: 08.00 – 23.00 daily
    • Price: from 20,000VND/person
  • An Lac Tam Vegetarian Food Stall
    • Location: 104 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Dalat City, Lam Dong
    • Opening hour: 07.00 – 21.00 daily
    • Price: from 20,000 VND/person
  • Hoa Sen Vegetarian Restaurant
    • Location: 62 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2, Dalat City, Lam Dong
    • Opening hour: 06.00 – 14.00 and 16.00 – 21.00 daily

3. Some More Tips for enjoying Dalat halal food

There are some minor tips but important for you when enjoying Dalat halal food:

  • Every restaurant here serves some certain dishes, so you should get to know some basic information about the typical dishes of that restaurant first.
  • If you plan to go to Dalat on some special occasions, you should book in advance in order not to be passive in choosing a place to eat.
  • Do not make too much noise while eating. Everyone wants to have a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy their own food.

Dalat Vietnam halal food has its own typical features, which is the combination of Vietnamese and foreign cuisine. Coming to this city, visiting famous places of interest and experiencing halal food in Dalat Vietnam is such a memorable experience that you cannot miss in your halal trip to Vietnam. If you have a chance to visit Dalat, don’t forget to share with us your feelings as well as precious moments in this city!

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